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2024 general reading

Happy New Year!

(for anyone who finds this while it is posted :)

I use tarot as a mind-opening tool; a method for seeing more than what you are used to seeing; a way out of a rut; a creative exercise; a light for when all others have gone out.


If you'd like a personal tarot reading on pretty much any topic you want, you can email me at moon star echo @ gmail. com, or just head over to my Etsy shop.  ♥

I felt compelled to try something new for this new year's general reading. So, I've prepared some Lenormand fortunes!

Lenormand is an oracle deck based on one used by Marie Ann Lenormand, a cartomancer who read cards for French revolutionaries and other important figures during Napoleon's time.

The Lenormand is used to tell straight fortunes. It's not really for asking questions or opening the mind as much as tarot is. It will just say, 'X is going to happen.'"

PLEASE, remember not to take this too seriously! It's just for fun. YOU are the controller of your own destiny, not me and not the cards. <3

With that being said, please feel free to pick one of the piles below!

Or pick 2 or 3, if you want to.


Then, scroll down to see your fortune(s) for 2024.


the mice, the scythe, the clouds

Something that has been gnawing away at you will be very suddenly excised. A time of rest and healing will follow.

the lady, the child, the letter

You will communicate something important to a younger woman.


You will receive big news from your mother.


You will find out that you or someone close to you is pregnant.

the garden, the bouquet, the heart

You will receive a wonderful, romantic surprise from someone you love, during a gathering.

the tower, the rider, the house

A new law or rule will determine where you can live.


You will find out something that will cause you to leave your home.

the moon, the key, the sun

A prophetic dream will unlock good fortune and bring you stunning, immense success.

the crossroads, the fox, the ring

The time will come for you to make a big decision concerning a commitment, and someone will try to lead you astray from the true path of your heart.

the stars, the tree, the bear

Protecting your boundaries will have a healing effect on your mind and your body.

the whip, the coffin, the fish

You will quit an addiction and the floodgates of abundance will open.

the stork, the lilies, the birds

A flurry of creative energy and life force will follow a long-awaited sexual awakening or sexual union.

the clover, the dog, the cross

The optimism of a friend or companion will save you from harship and sorrow.

the gentleman, the snake, the book

A man or masculine person will keep a secret from you to manipulate you.

the mountain, the ship, the anchor

You will overcome an obstacle by traveling to your motherland (or a place in your heart).


You will find your home near the sea.

personal readings

If you'd like a personal tarot card reading, please head over to my Etsy shop, where you can purchase an emailed reading.

I love doing those and I hope you'd love receiving it! :)

You can also email me at moonstar echo @ gmail. .com  to arrange an in-person reading (in Chicago), or if you have any questions.

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I love helping people through cartomancy (card divination). I've been reading tarot cards since I was a kid!

My reading style is not so much about trying to tell the future or read people's minds, though that kind of inexplicable stuff does sometimes come up anyway.

Rather, I use the cards to help illuminate things that can otherwise be hard to see. It's something that helps me a lot when I feel confused or upset or stuck in a rut, or anytime really. And so I like to offer it to help others illuminate their paths, as well. :)

Thanks for stopping by! 🌟🌸


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