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September 2023
general reading

I use tarot as a mind-opening tool; a method for seeing more than what you are used to seeing; a way out of a rut; a creative exercise; a light for when all others have gone out.


If you'd like a personal tarot reading on pretty much any topic you want, you can email me at moon star echo @ gmail. com, or just head over to my Etsy shop.  ♥

(for anyone who finds this while it is posted :)

How can we make the most of September? Pick a pile, if you'd like:


Pile 1 (parrot):


10 of Hearts, Allegra


The Hermit

9 of Swords

* Following your joy

* Listening carefully to your heart

* Defeating anxiety by staying grounded in your own fertile soil

* Tuning out negative thoughts to hear the ones that will realize your dreams

* Taking care not to get in over your head

* Accepting the heart's wisdom

* Balancing comfort and exploration

* Recognizing the place that frees your spirit as your true home

Pile 2 (tennis rules):

The Tower

9 of Cups


6 of Spades, the Ruin

* Letting go

* Refocusing the story of your past

* Incredible good fortune on the other side of fear

* An old trunk of yourself splintering into many possibilities

* Recognizing abundance instead of laser-focusing on loss

* Risk as a necessary step toward true fulfillment

* Knowing that you have the power to heal beautifully and be happy


Pile 3 (skull):


7 of Clovers, Sword of Enchantment



King of Wands

* A good omen--a miraculous event

* Using divination to listen and understand

* Being courageously honest with others and/or yourself

* Balancing passion and integrity equally

* Recognizing the power of your creative mind

* Something very special hangs in the balance.

* Fortune favors the bold.

personal readings

If you'd like a personal tarot card reading, please head over to my Etsy shop, where you can purchase an emailed reading.

I love doing those and I hope you'd love receiving it! :)

You can also email me at moonstar echo @ gmail. .com.

tarot reader stars.jpg

I love helping people through cartomancy (card divination). I've been reading tarot cards since I was a kid!

My reading style is not so much about trying to tell the future or read people's minds, though that kind of inexplicable stuff does sometimes come up anyway.

Rather, I use the cards to help illuminate things that can otherwise be hard to see. It's something that helps me a lot when I feel confused or upset or stuck in a rut, or anytime really. And so I like to offer it to help others illuminate their paths, as well. :)

Thanks for stopping by! 🌟🌸


Tarot moth
a tarot zine!


You can find Tarot Moth at my Etsy shop.

The first two issues of Tarot Moth are hot off the press! Each one is a mini general reading--one is on the topic of love and the other is on the topic of luck.

tarot moth guy 2.png
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