monthly general reading
November 2022


Nodding to last month's double-Hanged-Man, we see the Hanged Man again here, this time in reverse. It is next to the Death card. This could be a call to hold steady and be courageous as a cycle or chapter comes to an end. Try not to worry too much or overthink this change. There's no need to try to alter the perspective that feels right in your heart today. There is no shortcut to get around this natural shift--you must go through it to know what waits on the other side.

Temperance and the 6 of Pentacles reversed tell us not to punish ourselves. You don't have to pay for your mistakes with blood. Care for yourself during this transition and stay grounded. Give your mind and body all the nourishment they need so that you'll be ready to receive the gifts that are coming to you...


The Turtle and message card remind us that slow and steady win the race, and it is not always beneficial to rush things along. Some things take time to unfold. Take the time to rest and grow slowly, like a big tree. See your current situation through a kaleidoscope rather than as a permanent and unmoving snapshot.

Clue: Chin up, buttercup! Good things are around the bend...

Tarot moth
a tarot zine!


You can find Tarot Moth at my Etsy shop or at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago!

The first two issues of Tarot Moth are hot off the press! Each one is a mini general reading--one is on the topic of love and the other is on the topic of luck.

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personal readings

If you'd like a personal tarot card reading, please head over to my Etsy shop, where you can purchase an emailed reading.

I love doing those and I hope you'd love receiving it! :)

You can also email me at moonstarecho@gmail.com.

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I love helping people through cartomancy (card divination). I've been reading tarot cards since I was a kid!

My reading style is not so much about trying to tell the future or read people's minds, though that kind of inexplicable stuff does sometimes come up anyway.

Rather, I use the cards to help illuminate things that can otherwise be hard to see. It's something that helps me a lot when I feel confused or upset or stuck in a rut, or anytime really. And so I like to offer it to help others illuminate their paths, as well. :)

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