Dream Bindery

Welcome to the Dream Bindery!

I bind small blank books by hand.

You can find DB books at my Etsy shop, and at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago. ♡

book #6


book #12

I use a lot of repurposed & vintage materials to make my books, including:

vintage stationery

handmade paper

player piano paper rolls

old comic books

used packing paper

vintage photographs

vintage shooting targets

dot matrix printer paper

paper bags

old school notebooks

vintage computer punch cards

vintage postcards

leftover school & office supplies

vintage fabrics

repurposed clothing

...and more. I also use fine art papers for the pages sometimes.

book #75 - "Strawberry Pocket"

@dreambindery is on IG

book #5

page signatures

I love seeing where my books end up and how ppl are using them! If you have a DB book, please feel free to send me pics of how you have used it. :D

m o o n starecho@ g mai l.c om

How my patrons have used their Dream Bindery books:

book of affirmations  pillow diary

pocket sketchbook  recipe book

travel journal

Other ideas:

poetry book  spellbook  dream journal

tarot journal  mini scrapbook journal

inspiration keeper  shared journal

fill it with secrets, then mail it or leave it somewhere random

book #23

book #39


book #75 - "Strawberry Pocket"

book #1  ♥

book #70 - "Clove"


book #88 - "Maggie"