Dream Bindery

Welcome to the Dream Bindery! I make small, cloth-bound blank books by hand.


The pages are made mostly from salvaged, recycled, or repurposed paper.

These little guys are handmade with Tender Loving Care, and they tend to have small imperfections. Each one is completely unique.


Some ideas for using one of these books:

  • dream journal

  • pocket-size travel journal

  • sketchbook

  • hand write your novel

  • mini scrap book journal

  • collect and record moments of inspiration and beauty throughout the day

  • spell book

  • recipe book

  • write a poem on each page

  • write all of your secrets and deepest fears in it, then leave it somewhere for a stranger to find

  • press flowers

  • shared journal to mail back-and-forth with a far away loved one

The covers are made of cloth. Sometimes, the fabric has a strange or beautiful pattern, or an interesting texture. I like to hunt for magical vintage fabrics, and sometimes I use my own fabric designs.

You can find Dream Bindery books for sale at Space Oddities in Chicago.

You can also contact me directly if you would like to place a special order. :D